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Welcome to the World of Drones, your weekly update for everything drone related. 

Another drone is about to hit the market.

Autel announced that they are planning on releasing the Evo 2 in January. It’s rumored to be equipped with user-interchangeable camera gimbals and an 8K camera option! Both firsts for a drone that size. 

As the closest competitor to the popular DJI Mavic series, this “folding camera drone” will also have infrared capabilities, something the Mavic also does not have.

While the reports say the Evo 2 will have time lapse and a tracking feature, it will not have options like setting waypoints, or the quickshots like dronie, asteroid, boomerang and others that have made the mavic series popular. 

The Evo 2 is expected to be roughly 10% heavier than the Mavic 2, but will also have 35 minutes of battery life. That would be 4-5 minutes longer than the Mavic 2. 

More info from Autel regarding the EVO 2 is expected at CES 2020, which begins January 7th.


As the drone industry continues to grow around the world, so do the UAS regulations and laws. 

According to BBC News the United Kingdom will follow in the footsteps of the United States when it comes to registering your drone. As of November 30th, anyone in the UK who operates a UAS weighing over 250g must register the aircraft. 

Simon Smith, a pilot and instructor at the Phantom Flight School located in Kent, England said the new regulations, "will inevitably improve the situation. We've got to share the air safely and in order to do that, everybody has got to know where everybody else is."

The Civil Aviation Authority, or CAA  estimates that there are 130,000 drone pilots in Britain, but so far only around 50,000 people have registered.


A drone helped police in the town of Terrace, BC catch suspect fleeing officers. 

Operated by the Conservation Officer Service, or COS, the drone assisted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in locating the suspect who crashed into police vehicles and fled the scene

Initially the police responded to a report of a possible impaired driver in a truck. After locating the truck, the driver took off hitting two cop cars and a civilian as he attempted to get away. The driver, now known to be Buddy Douglas Shanoss, eventually fled by foot towards nearby Ferry Island. 

Once he began to run, that’s when COS decided it was the perfect time to deploy the drone. After a “rigorous search” by the officers and their police dogs, the drone helped locate the suspect, who was then captured. 

COS claimed the incident was “a great example of agencies coming together to fight crime.”

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