AirVūz News: World of Drones 12/23/19

Updated 12/24/2019 06:36
A new year, a new drone
Technology company Zero Zero Robotics just announced that they will be joining the foldable 4k camera drone club, but they have a bit of a twist. 
Their new V-Copter Falcon will be a bicopter, meaning just two rotors, and is said to have 50-minutes of battery life! To compare, the DJI Mavic 2 has a flight time of 31 minutes per battery, and the upcoming Autel Evo 2 will have a 35 minute battery life. 
According to Zero Zero COO Emily Wang, a bicopter's tilt-rotor design offers a two-fold efficiency gain to achieve its greater flight time. She goes on to say “We really think it's going to be a game changer and it's a really big breakthrough."
The V-Copter will also have tracking features, 30 frames per second at 4k, and shoot 12 megapixel photos. Plus a video transmission range of over four miles.
The V-Copter is expected to start shipping February 2020. 
With much of the world experiencing “state of emergencies” due to wildfires in the last couple of years - most recently the New South Wales in Australia - a group of engineers out of out of Denmark may have a solution to help minimize the spreading of fires. 
Their company Robotto will be collaborating with the Danish Emergency Management Agency to develop an autonomous drone in that will use artificial intelligence, or A I,  to provide a faster and more accurate way to measure fires.
Using a handheld tablet, the operator will be able to decide where to send the drone, and to change the angle of the camera to create a slightly different picture. If and when the drone finds a fire, it can gather data and transmit it back immediately via 5G.
Jacobo Domingo Gil, COO and co-founder of Robotto claims, “Using computer vision, AI and the Internet of Things, we can train our platform to find people lost at sea or keep track of oil spills from ships as well.”
They plan on having this drone ready by next summer. 
If you are a fan of drone videos like all of us at AirVuz, you need to see the latest film from Content Creator Khoubai. This “Cinematic travel video” from his time in Cappadocia will definitely make you want to add a trip to Turkey to your bucket list. 
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That will do it for us today, Happy Holidays and we’ll see you next week for the World of Drones.

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