AirbladeX 130 & SirinFPV Flight Controller // FPV Racing // DVR Footage

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Description: Got the chance to play with two new hot items this past week. Here is a bad crash (no damage to anything!) where I just didn't throttle up enough and the second part of the video has some good racing with SnokeFPV.

SirinFPV Flight Controller - this is an awesome all-in-one style board. Instead of combining the PDB and the FC together, they combine the FC, VTX, Blackbox, and OSD into one nice tight package. This works out really well when you pair it to a 4in1 ESC combo (which I did).

The second new item is the AirbladeX 130 Frame. I've always been very hesitant to run a frame where the camera pod is mounted to the FC stack.... and here is a 130 where they run on separate standoffs! This gives me piece of mind that during a bad crash I won't lose the flight controller and esc! It's a nice little tight 130 that was carefully designed and built with high quality 3K Weave carbon fiber!

Quad Details:
Frame: AirBladeX 130 X-Racer
Motors: DYS 1306 4000kV -
ESC: FVT LittleBee Pro 20a 4in1
Flight Controller: SirinFPV
Firmware: Betaflight 2.8.1
VTX: (Integrated in SirinFPV)
Camera: RunCam Owl
Receiver: FrSky XSR -
Battery: Turnigy Bolt 850mah 3S
Controller: Taranis Plus -

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