Baylands Tree Dive Course // RandomMoonFPV

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Description: Another lunch-time track at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, CA. We've been working in vertical element training just cuz its more better funner.

Am adding VLOG style elements to my channel... Like the intro on this content? Want to see more?

Flying: QuadRevo RageX (prototype), Dodo, PowerOSD Pro, LB30, Lumie 2206/2350, XSR, HS1177/2.8, FX799, HQ5040Tri, BF 3.0.1, BLHeli MultiShot, 4K/4K/32K unsynchronized, GoPro Session5. Taranis X9D, Fatshark DomHD v2 with LaForge Diversity

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