Behind The Scenes: Harlem Globetrotters Tricks, One Take FPV Drone Shot

Published 03/29/2019 16:03

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters were in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center and AirVuz got the unique and exclusive opportunity to film a couple of the players performing some of their trick shots in a way that has never been attempted before… with a first-person view drone.


Zues: “Today we’re partnering with AirVuz, one of the world’s best drone pilot camera people I’ve ever seen in my life. We’re doing some really amazing stuff right now. They’re capturing footage of us doing what we do on a daily basis.”


The goal of the shoot was to get one continuous, epic shot filmed with a FPV drone. With limited time available on the baskeball court, we knew it had to be perfectly choreographed. We called in the help of Team AirVuz pilot and the most recent FPV pilot to join the Drone Racing League, PhluxyFPV.


PhluxyFPV: “We’re probably getting some of the coolest shots I’ve ever gotten with a drone.”


Geared with a GoPro HERO7 attached to his Shendrones Squirt V2, Phluxy was able to maneuver around the Globetrotters as they passed the ball and performed tricks.


PhluxyFPV: “We’re trying to get a cool one take shot of the Harlem Globetrotters doing their thing.”


Starting with Zeus’ signature half court granny shot, the drone actually flies between his legs and follows the ball to the hoop. From there the drone captured the Globetrotters in their magic circle and eventually capping off the shot with a slam dunk.


Dragon: “I have a drone but this is so much different from what I do and I got a chance to see some of the world’s fastest drones and they’re flying through our legs and doing a bunch of cool stuff and recording our tricks so it’s a lot of fun.”


The Harlem Globetrotters are used to performing tricks under pressure, but this was definitely a first.


Zeus: “We play in a lot of arenas all over the world and we got our fans always there and this year is our fan powered world tour so we’re always used to the fans interacting with us and getting up close and personal, it’s just we’re not used to fans having blades (laughter).”


Dragon is actually a drone pilot himself, flying a DJI Mavic Pro, but he may soon be setting his sights on a FPV drone.


Dragon: “These drones are a little different than what I’m used to, I would love to be able to fly one like that one day. It’s pretty cool.”


As for Zeus…


Zeus: “You know I think I’m gonna keep shooting granny shots, I’m just gonna stick to my wheelhouse. That’s what I’m good at.”


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