Best of 2020 Showreels


Drone showreels offer highly captivating footage, combining high quality drone footage with creative editing.  As a community which is home to some of the world's top aerial videographers, it's no surprise that some of the most popular videos uploaded to the site have been highlight reels from some of the community's top content creators.  In this clip, we've collected some of the "best of the best" of these reels to create a fast-moving montage of highly captivating aerial footage.  

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Drone videos featured in this compilation:

Best Drone Video of 2020 by Smakadron - smakozawr

Drone Demoreel 2020 - Skynamic Drone

Aerial Hyperlapse Reel | Framework Films | 4K Footage -

Drone showreel 4K 2020 - Maxim Termote

My Best Drone Clips of 2020 - andyyeung


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