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Updated 11/06/2019 02:21
One of the more obvious areas where drones are revolutionizing visual media is in the realm of the "selfie". A selfie shot filmed with a drone (ie, a "dronie") lets filmmakers create epic footage of themselves in virtually any environment and in near-perfect safety. As the genre has evolved, the archetypal dronie shot begins with the subject and pulls out for a "reveal" of the surroundings. Watch this Dronie compilation compiled by the AirVuz editorial team, and check out the full Dronie collection.

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Full list of videos used in this compilation:
There is No One Else by Wellington Rodrigues
The Last Dronie by chrisxcgx
Hyper Dronie by druno
Upstream by Brend De Blesser
Bye Bye 2017 Dronie by Christian CUVELIER
Dronie 2018 by GoGarrTV
Jamaica Shot by Elena Buenrostro
Bloss Out DTLA by bbloss
Sledding Dronie by TylerJMason
OLYMPIC DRONIE by zekedrone
NYC State of Mind by Elena Buenrostro
Spaceship Dronie by Brent De Bleser