Cardboard Cadet

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Description: -- Cardboard Cadet -- Official Selection and Winner of Best Narrative at the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival _____ My son Kai and I made a fun video in July of 2017. We have created other videos like this (see more at, but I have been wanting to do something with him and my drone. We finally came up with a cool idea. We created this goofy short film called Cardboard Cadet. I really love getting to share this time with Kai while he enjoys it as well. We had a ton of fun making it and hope you enjoy watching it! He actually has a few short film ideas of his own now that we want to make. (original video) For this film we used a Canon 7D DSLR, a cruddy green screen, a few lights, a DJI Phantom 4, and some cardboard. We built the plane together, painted it, and shot the video over two or three days. Kai did great and we had lots of opportunities to talk about hard work, doing your best, and finishing a project even if it's hard. Hopefully the video brings both of us great memories for the rest of our lives. Thanks again for watching! If you'd like to see more of my work you can check out my profile or my website There is a behind the scenes video here:

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