Cinematic FPV Flight Above One of Turkey's Most Historic Religious Sites

Published 07/03/2019 19:07
The Hagia Sophia is a Historic Areas of Istanbul UNESCO World Heritage Site. FPV drone pilot Enes_FPV flew his quadcopter around the nearly 1500-year-old structure.
The Hagia Sophia was the largest cathedral in all of Christendom for nearly 1000 years after its completion. The primarily masonry-constructed building was the center for religious, artistic, and political life during the Byzantine era. It is known for its large dome and is considered an engineering marvel of its time. After the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 it became an important site for Muslim worship. The site remained a mosque until being converted to a museum in the 1930s.
Enes_FPV flew in the increasingly popular cinematic FPV style. It's a flying and filming style that gives the audience unprecedented views of the subject matter. This film provides modern views of a remarkable, historic building.

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