DJI Mavic Pro - Enoshima, Japan 2017


Christian Tinman ventured to Japan with his DJI Mavic Pro drone to cover a stand up paddleboarding event in Enoshima, a small island in Sagami Bay.  Situated on Honshu, the area is home to some of closest beaches accessible from Tokyo, which lies a bit to the north.  As you will see from his video, it's a beautiful seaside community, perfect for a challenging SUP race, with sandy shores and many rocks lying offshore.  

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Description: While in Japan recently for the third stop of the APP World Tour i got to fly my Mavic Pro a few times. I love traveling to Japan its such an amazing country and the people are epic. Two shots in the last half was filmed by Matty Schweitzer (MAT5O on Instagram) my Mavic but were just to cool not to include.


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