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Description: AirVūz was a part of the first annual KING TeC Drone Camp. Held for two weeks at Prior Lake High School, 7-9th graders learned how to build, repair and fly a drone and then faced off against each other in flying competitions.

“AirVūz is here to film our drone camp. It’s one of the first of it’s kind in Minnesota because we were thinking, like, how can we expand our program? And we’re like, drones. The drone camp is one of five summer camps that KING TeC offers. All of our summer camps are run by High School aged students. KING TeC is a high school robotics team. KING TeC stands for Kids Integrating Newly Grasped Technological And Engineering Concepts." says Izzy Lindquist. Izzy is a KING TeC Member and Marketing Lead.

Mike Bros was the one who dove right in and was the Drone Camp Coordinator. His thoughts? "The whole point of this was to introduce a new generation to a new technology and to have fun doing it. Those were my two main goals, other than just have fun myself."

Some of the reasons for attending drone camp?
“I’m into engineering and science stuff that I’m like, this might be fun to build a drone.” -Jamison.
“I’ve been around technology all my life and I just like to work with this stuff. It’s really fun.” -Cole P.
“I did robotics before and I heard about this and wanted to do it, so I just joined.” -Matthew G
“Wasn’t really doing anything over the summer and I like to take things and take them apart and put them back together.” -Andrew W
“Drones are neat. Drones are neat, I guess that’s it.” -Ben
“I just like robotics and drones are cool” -James

In this episode, we meet the teams and get introduced to the parts needed to build a drone.
Team One: Cody, Sam, Jamison and Evan Team Two: Nick, Alec, Mitchell and Cole P Team Three: Audrey, Matthew D, Kedar and Matthew G Team Team: Chandler, Connor, Will and Andrew W Team Five: Joey, Ben and Cole B Team Six: Andrew R, Travis and James More episodes of Drone Camp to come! Here, on AirVuz.com To learn more about KING TeC, click HERE

KING TeC Drone Camp

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