Drone Video of Haze Season in Malaysia

Published 10/30/2019 20:10
Malaysia and much of Southeast Asia is living through what has been dubbed 'haze season.' Drone pilot Styfly I STUDIO captured the phenomenon by flying his drone above the low-lying clouds. The film displays the country's capital city Kuala Lumpur shrouded in clouds and a hazy sky.
Only a few of the city's largest skyscrapers are visible above the low overcast. The Petronas Twin Towers, TRX 106 (the city's tallest skyscraper), and the under-construction PNB 118. Upon completion in 2021, the PNB 118 will be the city's tallest building at 835 meters.
The haze is due to dry weather patterns and uncontrolled burning of farmland and forests in neighboring Indonesia. As a result, residents in the region are being exposed to high air pollutant levels. City officials have attempted to lessen the cloud cover through wet and dry seeding. Wet seeding is a process of spraying salt water on the clouds to form rain. Dry seeding uses hygroscopic flares to yield the same result. The issue is expected to be resolved in the coming weeks when monsoon season begins in Southeast Asia.


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