Drone Video of the Week, Episode 10 (2024)

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Below, you'll find our picks for the top 5 videos uploaded to Airvuz.com last week, as well as links to watch them in their entirety. We at AirVuz picked the Drone Video of the Week from those top five and are giving away $250 to the winner! (The weekly winner is then in the running for Drone Video of the Month [DVOM].)


Here are your top 5 videos from last week:

#5: Faroe Islands Adventure: Exploring the Best Kept Secrets of This Nordic Paradise - ravs

#4: Peaks & Powder: A Journey Through Mountains and Ski Tours (2023-2024) - ALFPV

#3: A Cinematic Roadtrip through the Breathtaking Highlands By Drone with ISAK Landrover Super Defender - MichasWelt

#2: Fog Rolls into Manhattan - vuralelibol

#1: (and $250 winner) Mística Madeira - Cinelifter Media


How do you get your chance in all of this? It's easy! Simply upload your best drone videos here on AirVuz.com and you’re in!


See a great collection of all of the Drone Videos of the Week Ep. 10 top 5 videos HERE!