Droning America: Oahu, HI


In this episode of Droning America, host Angie Avestruz heads to Oahu, Hawaii.  She teams up with top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Ryzone to film some of the sights and sounds of the island, the largest in the Aloha State by population.  Sit back and enjoy the bird's eye views of some of the most well known spots in this Pacific paradise, the next-to-westernmost of the Hawaiian islands.  Highlights include bird's eye views of Waimea Bay, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, some of the island's top surfing spots, and much more.  

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Droning America

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    Mike Israel

    Mike Israel is the founder, President and CEO of AirVuz, LLC. He is an avid drone enthusiast and RC pilot. He is also an enthusiast of geography and history, and loves writing about all of the amazing places where AirVuz community members fly.

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