EXTREME Synchro with paragliders


Paragliding is definitely not for the faint of heart; mishaps that occur when soaring hundreds of feet in the air can easily be fatal.  For those not sufficiently deterred, there's "synchro" paragliding, where two paragliders join up and ride back to earth together.  And what better way to film this extreme of extreme sports than with a first persopn view (FPV) mini drone?  Top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Ivan Merino shows us the way in this incredible piece, filming a pair of VERY brave synchro paragliders high above the earth.

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Ivan Merino

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    Mike Israel

    Mike Israel is the founder, President and CEO of AirVuz, LLC. He is an avid drone enthusiast and RC pilot. He is also an enthusiast of geography and history, and loves writing about all of the amazing places where AirVuz community members fly.

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