FPV Single Cut Freestyle // DVR Footage // AirbladeX 130 // SirinFPV FC

  • 2 years ago
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Description: Saw the gap in the start when I arrived at the park, after four attempts I decided I should get more flying in before I destroy the quad... sadly I forgot to try hitting that gap before I ever had a clean fly away! Anyways a little freestyle from the AirBladeX 130 and the SirinFPV FC. Both have handled everything really well! Freestyle isn't my strong suit obviously, but I was happy with this for a single take. Need to practice some of the more advance moves...

Music: Doctor Vox - Outcast

Quad Details:
Frame: AirBladeX 130 X-Racer
Motors: DYS 1306 4000kV - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/motors/13xx/dys-bx1306-4000kv-brushless-motor.html
ESC: FVT LittleBee Pro 20a 4in1
Flight Controller: SirinFPV
Firmware: Betaflight 2.8.1
VTX: (Integrated in SirinFPV)
Camera: RunCam Owl
Receiver: FrSky XSR - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/radio/frsky/receivers/frsky-xsr-cppm-s-bus-receiver.html
Battery: Turnigy Bolt 850mah 3S
Controller: Taranis Plus - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/radio/frsky/transmitters/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus.html

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