FPV reel 2018 // all my best moments//IronicGti


Filled with plenty of air-to-air action, tight gaps, and editing tricks, the 2018 demo reel by IronicGti is a must watch. The speed matched with his proximity flying is just the start of this one. Keep watching for bando dives, buttery smooth glides along glass buildings, and some long-range mountian surfing. We say touché, IronicGti, touché. This FPV video earned the pilot an AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch nod in January of 2019.

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    Jenny Mirković

    VP of Community Management at AirVūz I love the amazing capability of camera and racing drones, I love the spectacular videos and photos they produce, and I love to meet and celebrate the talented people who fly them! I'm a budding pilot myself and am currently practicing with my family and friends! While we currently fly with our Mavic, my husband and I have also practiced our flying with the Chroma, our Parrot, and about a dozen of the micro-drones we have around the house! And yep - our giant doggie hated them all :-) I love to hear from our enthusiastic members of our AirVūz community, so please stay in touch!

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