FloRotor 130 House Track // DVR Footage

  • 2 years ago
  • 88 VŪZ
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Description: Built this little quad on Thursday Night / Saturday Morning and managed to destroy it after just a few packs. I didn't loctite the motors and one came out on me after about 4 packs. Set up this fun little course going around the house. New Motors already ordered for more neighbor annoying fun!

Quad Details:
AUW: 246g
Frame: FloRotors 130
Motors: DYS 1306 4000kV - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/motors/motors-by-size/13xx/dys-bx1306-4000kv-brushless-motor.html
ESC: DYS XM20a - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/esc/dys-xm20a-esc.html
Props: GemFan 3" TriBlades - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/props/props-by-mfg/gemfan.html
Flight Controller: Lumenier Lux - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/controllers/controllers-by-mfg/lumenier/lux.html
Firmware: Betaflight 2.7.1
VTX: FX799T (200mw tx) - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/fpv/5-8-ghz/5-8-ghz-transmitters/fx799t-5-8-ghz-40-channel-200mw-race-transmitter.html
Camera: Micro 600TVL (170deg) - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/fpv/cameras/flight-cameras/micro-600tvl-110-degree-camera.html
Receiver: FrSky XSR - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/frsky-xsr-cppm-s-bus-receiver.html
Battery: Turnigy Bolt 850 3S
Antenna: Fatshark Spironet RHCP
Controller: Taranis Plus - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus.html

Base station:
Goggles: Fatshark Dominator HD V2 - https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/fpv/monitors-goggles/goggles/fatshark-dominator-v3.html
Receiver: LaForge Diversity
Antenna A: Fatshark 8dBi Patch
Antenna B: VAS BlueBeam Ultra Mad Mushroom https://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/fpv/5-8-ghz/5-8-ghz-antennas/vas-5-8-ghz-bluebeam-ultra-set-ibcrazy.html

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