Full Throttle FPV Racing // 1080p60

  • 2 years ago
  • 40 VŪZ
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Description: Went out to do a little flying / tuning session and it turned into straight up racing with DVFPV was there. Video is from the final race for the day. Was a really fun race with lots of lead changes. My battery was not happy.

Quad Details:
Frame: QuadRevo Rage X - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/frames/quadrevo.html
Motors: Emax RS2205/2600KV - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/motors/22xx/emax-rs2205-2600-kv-race-spec-motor.html
ESC: Aikon SEFM 30Amp BLHeli_S
Props: GemFan 5050 PC TriBlades - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/props/gemfan.html
Flight Controller: RaceFlight Revolt
Firmware: Raceflight BB475
PDB: QuadRevo PowerOSD Pro 2 - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/accessories/power-distribution-boards/quadrevo-powerosd-pro.html
VTX: TBS Unify Pro 5.8 GHz HV RACE Video Transmitter - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/tbs-unify-pro-5-8-ghz-hv-race-video-transmitter.html
Camera: RunCam Swift
Receiver: FrSky XSR - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/radio/frsky/receivers/frsky-xsr-cppm-s-bus-receiver.html
Battery: Turnigy Graphene 1300mah
Antenna: Foxeer 5.8GHz Stubby RHCP Antenna - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/fpv/5-8-ghz/antennas/foxeer-5-8-ghz-stubby-rhcp-antenna.html
Controller: Taranis Plus - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/radio/frsky/transmitters/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus.html

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