Germany's Breathtaking Landscapes 🇩🇪

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GERMANY is full of glitz and grit. Take in the sights from the sky!

In BERLIN, get a sense of Germany's vibrant culture in the capital city. Check out the art scene and modern landmarks.

MUNICH is famous for its anual Oktoberfest celebrations, centuries-old buildings and numerous museums.

Located on the Main River, FRANKFURT is a major financial hub and home to the European Central Bank.

The NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE is a castle straight out of a fairy tale that's nestled in the Bavarian Alps. It's also the most photographed building in Germany.

HEIDELBERG has historic churches, a medieval old bridge and the country's oldest university can be found at this city on the Neckar River.

The BLACK FOREST is a scenic mountainous region filled with evergreens and picturesque lakes.

Germany's history and BREATHTAKING LANDSCAPES are ready to be discovered by drone.

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