Hype Train!? // yaw_motor_direction -1? // 1080p60 FPS Racing

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Description: So is changing the quad so the front two motors spin outward and the rear spin inward really that much of a difference? I flew two identical quads here. The only difference was the the yaw_motor_direction... I did feel they felt a little different but after a day of flying I don't think there was any significant difference. The best advantage I could come up with is that the dirt/grass get kicked out instead inward towards the electronics (since most crashes are in the front). I do plan on continued testing to try and come to a 100% conclusion.

Quad Details:
Frame: QuadRevo Rage X - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/frames/quadrevo.html
Motors: Emax RS2205/2600KV - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/motors/22xx/emax-rs2205-2600-kv-race-spec-motor.html
ESC: Aikon SEFM 30Amp BLHeli_S
Props: GemFan 5050 PC TriBlades - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/props/gemfan.html
Flight Controller: Lumenier Lux - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/controllers/cleanflight/lumenier-lux.html
Firmware: Betaflight 3.0 RC14
PDB: QuadRevo PowerOSD Pro - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/accessories/power-distribution-boards/quadrevo-powerosd-pro.html
VTX: FX799T (200mw tx) - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/fpv/5-8-ghz/vtx/fx668t-5-8-ghz-40-channel-200mw-pro-race-video-transmitter.html
Camera: HS1177 - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/fpv/cameras/fpv-cameras/foxeer-hs1177-ir-block.html
Receiver: FrSky XSR - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/radio/frsky/receivers/frsky-xsr-cppm-s-bus-receiver.html

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