Ihuru Island Resort - Maldives


This drone video by contributor Timnevellphotography is an example of the type of private island resort which have made the Maldives one of the go-to destinations for travelers with ample resources.  The Ihuru Island Resort is one of the islands of this dispersed archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean, and as the name suggests it's its own island.   Whether it's a few days or a few weeks, travelers to this resort can enjoy their stay in the tropics in splendid isolation.

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Description: Angsana Ihuru | Maldives | June 2017 This aerial video of Ihuru is 20 years in the making. . . Back in 1997 we travelled to the Maldives for the first time, whilst in resort I purchased a book published by Michael Friedel the famous German photographer and quickly fell in love with his photography and specifically the aerial images he took of Ihuru, I vowed to my wife that we would go there one day. . . I never dreamed back then that I would actually be able to fly a drone and capture the beauty for myself! 20 years later I purchased a drone and travelled to Ihuru. . . Shot & Edited by: Tim Nevell Photography https://www.instagram.com/timnevellph... Soundtrack: Beautiful - Mandalay (7" Canny Mix) © Tim Nevell Photography | All Rights Reserved


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