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Professional first-person view drone pilot, Johnny Schaer (aka JohnnyFPV) teamed up with instagram influencers Sam Kolder and ChelseaKauai in the Dominican Republic to film an epic drone video. This informative drone video explains where JohnnyFPV got his passion for drone racing and the potential he sees in these quadcopters. Sam Kolder was excited about the creative capabilities of FPV drones and had Johnny fly around him jumping off a cliff and performing other stunts.

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Johnny Schaer (JohnnyFPV) is a professional first-person view drone pilot.

Johnny got sot started in FPV in early 2015.

He began by freestyle flying but quickly got into professional racing — first through local racing circuits and then on ESPN's Drone Racing League, the DR1 and the European Drone Champions League.

Johnny has a passion for true drone racing but he sees the immense potential for the cinematic movements these quadcopters are capable of.

Sam Kolder is a filmmaker, editor, photographer, and influencer with 800k followers on Instagram.

His distinct and unique cinematography style has generated a legion of fans who emulate his videos under the tag #samkolderinspiration.

The opportunity arose for these two, along with a group of other significant creators, to collaborate in the Dominican Republic.

Sam hadn't seen a racing drone in action prior to this trip, he is considered a creative genius and was instantly energized seeing what they are capable of.

The shot of him cliff diving shot is one that could not be achieved with either a traditional camera or axis stabilized camera drone.

The result of their trip is one of the most prolific and visually stunning FPV drone videos ever.

On secluded beaches and along rocky shores, Johnny was able to complete complex flying maneuvers while filming at close proximity to the crew.

Johnny hopes that this short video paves the way for larger production houses to incorporate racing drones into their upcoming films and projects.