Longboard Legend Dances with a Drone

Published 05/07/2019 08:06
Lotfi Lamaali, a Moroccan-born resident of France, is one of the world's most well-known longboard dancers. His smooth style of dancing on the longboard has propelled him to international fame. Many social media videos featuring his rides have over a million views.
Longboard dancing is a style of skateboarding where the rider moves with the board in a fluid, artistic fashion. The flow of longboard dancing is similar to the flow of flying a cinematic micro drone. Drone pilot Fincky from Paris, France, partnered with Lamaali to capture a unique view of the sport.
Fincky used the Shendrones Squirt, also known as a 'Cinewhoop', to film a high-definition video of Lamaali following the smooth lines and curves of the dance. The resulting video shows a combination of art, sport, and technology and is another example of how drones are redefining cinematography.

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CLICK HERE! to watch the full video by Fincky.

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