Madame Ki : Afiladora Music video - Drone edition


It’s the remix! Well, the remix and re-edit of Madame Ki’s song and video “Afiladora,” by first person view pilot AsikDrone. He’s got us headed in the right direction, tracking down a group of bikers, a skateboarder, and a roller blader as they make their way down the open street on a sunny day. But, be careful, there may or may not be some machetes involved towards the middle of this piece. Then the group ends up at one funky backyard party. How does it end? Give it a watch and find out for yourself.

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    Jenny Mirković

    VP of Community Management at AirVūz I love the amazing capability of camera and racing drones, I love the spectacular videos and photos they produce, and I love to meet and celebrate the talented people who fly them! I'm a budding pilot myself and am currently practicing with my family and friends! While we currently fly with our Mavic, my husband and I have also practiced our flying with the Chroma, our Parrot, and about a dozen of the micro-drones we have around the house! And yep - our giant doggie hated them all :-) I love to hear from our enthusiastic members of our AirVūz community, so please stay in touch!

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