Matty flip FROM HOME!! #StayAtHome


The Matty Flip is one of the most advanced maneuvers in technical first person view (FPV) freestyle flight.  Named for the legendary Canadian FPV pilot MattyStuntz, it's basically an outside powerloop, in which the pilot pitches the quad forward and uses its momentum at the bottom of the loop (where it's inverted) to carry it through back to an upright position.  Hard to describe, and of course much harder to actually execute.  If you check out this stunning piece by AirVuz contributor and pilot Ivan Marino, you'll see how it's done.  

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Ivan Merino

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    Mike Israel

    Mike Israel is the founder, President and CEO of AirVuz, LLC. He is an avid drone enthusiast and RC pilot. He is also an enthusiast of geography and history, and loves writing about all of the amazing places where AirVuz community members fly.

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