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Powered paragliding, or paramotoring, is a form of ultralight aviation. It’s when a pilot wears a motor on hers or his back that provides enough thrust to take off. Then using a paragliding parachute, she or he is able to carry themselves to the ground or whatever way is preferred. Check out this up close action by FPV pilot RussellFPV who even gets tight shots of a paraglider before he takes off. 

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    Jenny Mirković

    Chief Operating Officer at AirVūz | I love the amazing capability of camera and racing drones, I love the spectacular videos and photos they produce, and I love to meet and celebrate the talented people who fly them! I'm a budding pilot myself and am currently practicing with my family and friends! While we currently fly with our Mavic, my family and I have also practiced our flying with the Chroma, our Parrot, and about a dozen of the micro-drones we have around the house! And yep - our giant doggie hated them all :-) I love to hear from our enthusiastic members of our AirVūz community, so please stay in touch!

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