PILOTS TO WATCH - 01/10/20


Every week brings a new wave of fantastic FPV videos to AirVuz, and we have the fun job of watching it all to share the best of the best with our enthusiastic AirVuz community.  We pick a short list of FPV pilots to feature each week, and pack them into this cool reel because those we select are no doubt committed, talented, and they share their wares here on AirVuz (this is where the best FPV footy lives, after all).  So be a sport and *show your support* with a Like, Comment, and a Follow.

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Towers, Mountains, Drifting and more... This week's AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch is PURE 🔥

When we say tower, it wasn’t just any tower… Our guy Johnny FPV dove the TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD!!! Oh, and speaking of “our guys,” Team AirVuz Pilot Gab 707 took us on an adventure like no other. And the reel by Flylifeco… UN-REEEEL!

Catch all of that AND SO MUCH MORE on this edition of Pilots to Watch! Make sure to comment, like and follow!! When you’re done, check out more sweet footy in our FPV Freestyle Collections! And from all of us at AirVuz, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas and happiest of Holidays!!

ALSO, not only have these videos been selected for Pilots to watch, but they're now also eligible for January's FPV Video of the Month, which will be picked by our own Team AirVuz Pilot nurkFPV!