PILOTS TO WATCH - 09/20/19

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Each week, we select FPV pilots who’ve uploaded their most epic fights to AirVuz as a headstart for your video watch list (you’re welcome)😎.  Wondering who we picked this week?  

Well, we started with vltluigi and his incredible mountain-surfing over the French Alps,  Jlucidar, who got all cinematic over France and Switzerland, Craig_dt, who sat on the edge of a cliff during his latest flight 🤯, and Cst FPV’s sweet glacier surfing (for which he hiked 3000 meters)! We liked Carrerasdedrones’flight chasing a wakeboarder and FlyLifeCo’s cruise over a sunbeam-filled corn field, so of course we added them.  Then, JZFPV went on a trip to Ireland recently 🙌, and Nick Lang, Dom and CLIFFORD FPVoffered up some amazing cinewhoop tours, so we had to pick them all too! 

These pilots’ flights all are *must watch,* so show your support with Comments, Likes and Follows!  (Still wanting more? Check out more sweet footy in our FPV Freestyle Collections!)

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