Polar Bears


Multiple DVOW Winner Makhorov brings us this magnificent aerial video of polar bears frolicking in icy cold waters just a few hundred mi./km from the North Pole, which was a Finalist for the 2023 Drone Video of the Year.  The video was filmed in the course of a trip on a nuclear-powered icebreaker to the Franz Josef Land Archipelago, a group of Russian islands which straddle the 81st north parallel, almost two-thirds of the way between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole; they include the northernmost point of the Eastern Hemisphere.    

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For licensing and collabs: dedmaxopka@gmail.com


My friends, I've been to the North Pole. Our route was from Murmansk through the Franz Josef Archipelago up to the very top of the world. The way I reached it was by the nuclear-powered icebreaker called "50 years of Victory". 


I've been on the vessel for 11 days, the total mileage has come up to 4600 km. At times it occurred to me that there couldn't be any life among the ice but every now and then we ran into whales, seals, walruses and of course polar bears. We encountered them 6 times nearby the Franz Josef Land Archipelago! All of them behaved rather differently, some were afraid and ran away from the icebreaker, we didn't interact with them whereas others on the contrary got interested in my drone and chased it, such kind of bears were filmed.


Polar bears are so curious. Watch this video till the end to see how cute a polar bear can be if it sees a camera


Music: Philip G Anderson - New Beginnings


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Shot on Mavic 3

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