PowerOSD Pro 2.1 // 132 Amp Punchout!

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Description: Just threw together a quick little test of the QuadRevo PowerOSD Pro 2.1! I purposely wanted to use a noisey quad to test for any issues that there may be. These are some really beat up Dal Cyclone props. The ESC's are the v1 Aikon SEFM's and they are missing several capacitors. So this is a very noisy setup... Happy to report the PowerOSD Pro 2.1 can easily handle it... even with my 132amp punchout!

Quad Details:
Frame: QuadRevo Rage X - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/frames/quadrevo.html
Motors: Emax RS2205/2600KV - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/motors/22xx/emax-rs2205-2600-kv-race-spec-motor.html
ESC: Aikon SEFM 30Amp BLHeli_S v1
Props: GemFan 5050 PC TriBlades - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/props/gemfan.html
Flight Controller: RaceFlight Revolt
PDB: QuadRevo PowerOSD Pro 2.1 - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/multirotors/accessories/power-distribution-boards/quadrevo-powerosd-pro.html
VTX: TBS Unify Pro 5.8 GHz HV RACE Video Transmitter - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/tbs-unify-pro-5-8-ghz-hv-race-video-transmitter.html
Camera: RunCam Swift
Receiver: FrSky XSR - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/radio/frsky/receivers/frsky-xsr-cppm-s-bus-receiver.html
Battery: Turnigy Graphene 1300mah
Antenna: Foxeer 5.8GHz Stubby RHCP Antenna - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/fpv/5-8-ghz/antennas/foxeer-5-8-ghz-stubby-rhcp-antenna.html
Controller: Taranis Plus - https://www.fpvheadquarters.com/radio/frsky/transmitters/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus.html

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