Sky Dancing-Detroit


The world's first skyscraper building boom occurred during the 1920's and it was centered in three US cities: New York, Chicago, and (perhaps surprisingly to some) Detroit, Michigan.  Detroit's population grew by an astonishing 60% in that frenzied decade, when nearly a dozen skyscrapers over 100 meters (about 330 ft.) were constructed in its downtown.   In this drone video by Reel Aerials, you'll be able to see some of these Roaring 20's classics, such as the Penobscot  and Guardian Buildings, Book Tower, and more.  

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Reel Aerials

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    Mike Israel is the founder, President and CEO of AirVuz, LLC. He is an avid drone enthusiast and RC pilot. He is also an enthusiast of geography and history, and loves writing about all of the amazing places where AirVuz community members fly.

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