Soccer Goal Gates // DVR Footage

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Description: Bought some little "pop" up soccer gates from Amazon the other day, cut out the net and set them up for "small gate practice". These are the four foot goals, and wow are they small at speed! I cut the netting out and they are super easy to setup, always set them up so they can be pushed down by a crashing quad so it does less damage. These are small enough to be great for practicing smaller things to go through. They are also VERY easy to setup! Amazon Soccer Goals: Quad Details: Frame: QuadRevo Rage X - Motors: Emax RS2205/2600KV - ESC: VGoodRC FireFly 30A 32bit v303_160406 (Multishot Firmware) Props: GemFan 5050 PC TriBlades - Flight Controller: Sparky 1.1 Firmware: Betaflight 2.6.1 CLI Dump: PDB: QuadRevo PowerOSD Pro - VTX: FX799T (200mw tx) - Camera: HS1177 - Receiver: FrSky XSR - Battery: Tattu 1050 4s 75c - Antenna: Fatshark Spironet RHCP Controller: Taranis Plus - Base station: Goggles: Fatshark Dominator HD V2 - Receiver: LaForge Diversity Antenna A: Fatshark 8dBi Patch Antenna B: VAS BlueBeam Ultra Mad Mushroom Music: Faded - (Slice N Dice Remix) -

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