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Tarsicio Sañudo, aka Postandfly, has created more than 90 drone videos of his native Mexico, which have garnered numerous awards and honors.  His epic videos of top sights like Mexico City, Acapulco, and Oaxaca can be found throughout the Mexico collections on AirVuz.  In this episode of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason speaks with him about his passion for drones and his epic aerial videos of Mexico, one of which was one of the first winners of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest. 

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Tyler Mason: Our guest on the Drone Dish today has been flying drones longer than I knew what a drone was. Tarcisio Sanudo, from Mexico, thanks for coming on the show. Tarcisio S.: Hi, nice to be on the show. Tyler: Absolutely. Well, as I mentioned, you've been flying drones for a long time, since 2013. How did you first get into drones, way back then? Tarcisio S.: Yes, it was like, I started to see some drone shots in different kind of videos. At that time, I didn't know the name, I didn't know that they were drones. So I was working in a small product company, and I was like, really curious to like, to find a new way to be economical and independent, so I started to see that kind of shots with drones, and then in January of 2013, I was looking at Top Gear, and they were using a drone, and at that time, I think that it was a really good time to start to research. Tarcisio S.: So, I found the Phantom 1, I started to do videos, and I saw that it was not really difficult to fly it, so I decided to buy it. And I just started to like practice a lot, and then to start to offer the services, six month later, I was like, receiving more earnings with the drone, that in the product company, so I decided to quite, and dedicate 100% to Postandfly. Tyler: Speaking of the Phantom 1, what was it like the fly that, because if I'm correct, you couldn't see what your camera was seeing, so you just had to kind of trust on your piloting skills. What was that like, flying the Phantom 1 way back then? Tarcisio S.: I didn't have a gimbal. I didn't have an FPV transmitter, so I think it worked really good, because I have to be really gentle with the drone, and I think that that give me a very good sense, reality about how to operate a drone. Tyler: And now, one of your videos you've uploaded to AirVuz was combining footage from the five years that you've been flying, and that one won our drone video of the week contest. Tell me about that video, and how you decided to kind of put all that footage together into this one film? Tarcisio S.: I have a series that is called Exploring Mexico. And every year, I made like a combination reel about that shot, and the last year, I decided to make another one, on a drone, for the four years anniversary, and this year, five years I think is important, so I decided to make another one. It was really difficult to choose the shots, and I want to use some shots that I never used before, but five years, I have a lot of footage, beautiful footage, so was really demanding, but came out really cool, and parallel, you start to make the video of the week a contest, so I thought it's the best moment to publish the video. Tarcisio S.: And it was not only a success because of the contest, because Mexico was incredible, thousands of people shared it in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, et cetera, so for me, more than the contest was, that many people saw the video, and they were really happy about seeing Mexico like in that perspective. Tyler: Yeah, it was certainly a great film. I know a lot of time went into that, so congratulations again on winning the contest with that. Another video I wanted to ask about is, you're the second guest of the Drone Dish to drone your own proposal, Jordan Nelson of Nelson Aerial Productions also did the same thing. How surprised was your fiance, I guess, when you had the drone out and all of a sudden got to one knee and proposed? Tarcisio S.: Yes, she doesn't have a clue, we used to make dronies. It was our Inspire 1, I put it in hover, and I had the ring in a shell. I put it in the sand, she was like, what happened, I know I put the GoPro in the sand. And she never had a clue, I think it was a really beautiful proposal. Tyler: Absolutely. You've flown a lot of cool places in your home country of Mexico, is there anywhere you haven't flown there yet that you'd like to bring your drone? Tarcisio S.: Many places. I already have like 90 videos, but really is just a small example of the wonders that we have in Mexico. I want to go to fly to film in the Pinacate Desert, in Cuatro Cienegas, et cetera. There are like many places, and I think right now, we are having like difficult times in Mexico, and maybe outside the world thinks that Mexico is not a good place to go, and I think that this kind of video shows that we have amazing places, amazing people, and I want to show to the world that yes, you can come to Mexico, and every part, every state, every town, every city, has incredible places to be. I love my country, and I love the drones, and I love to film it. Tyler: Well I've never been to Mexico, but if I do, I'll bring my drone, and you can kind of show me some of the great spots and we can go fly down there together, that'd be great. Tarcisio S.: Yes, I will be really happy to do that. And you have to come to Mexico. You really will love it. Tyler: Tarcisio, we appreciate you coming on the Drone Dish today. Congratulations on your drone video of the week win. Keep up the great work. Tarcisio S.: Thank you very much, was really nice to talk with you, and with all the audience, and congratulations for AirVuz. I think it's incredible to have that kind of community of drones, I think this will be a really huge it's incredible. Congratulations. Tyler: Thank you, we appreciate it.