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iDrone Aerials - aka Wes Anderson - has been flying as long as he's been traveling. In fact, he bought his DJI Mavic in Florence while exploring the city. He's been hooked ever since, traveling from Cinque Terre, to Prague, Switzerland, Dubrovnik, Portugal, and beyond. His video "King's Landing" was selected as a Finalist for the 2nd Annual DVA's in the Game of Thrones category.  Hear why his favorite location has been Mont Saint-Michel, France in this episode of The Drone Dish. 

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Tyler Mason: All the way from Barcelona today, we've got Wes Anderson joining us on the Drone Dish. Wes, thanks for coming on the show. Wes Anderson: Thank you very much Tyler. Nice to meet you. TM: You're a big traveler, you've been to over 45 countries I believe. When did you first start bringing a drone along with you on your travels? WA: So I actually previously bought a drone in March of 2017. That when I had enough money to be able to actually get one and it happened to be when the Mavic came out about three months earlier. I actually bought it in Florene, Italy. So the first place I actually got to fly was in Florence and I learned how to fly there and flying over the Arno. My first experience with flying was over water pretty much the whole time, just practicing and practicing until I could actually fly enough and make some videos. So actually I've had my drone as long as I've been traveling. I've been traveling longer than I've had my drone too as well so it's definitely an interesting case with myself. TM: And you mentioned Florence, that was one of the first videos of yours I saw and I loved it because it's just a gorgeous city, how did it change your perspective of Florence when you got that drone up above the city and were able to see it from that view? WA: Florence is my favorite city and probably in the entire world. The only other city that comes close is probably Prague and I'll be having a video soon for that as well. But Florence, you can see from the architecture, it's gorgeous up in person but when you see it from a whole new perspective as from the drone, you see the bird's eye view, you can see actually the architecture a lot nicer, like at the top of the Duomo, just flying around the whole city allows you to see everything a lot more closer and a better perspective. TM: Obviously Florence, you mentioned you've flow in the Cinque Terre in Italy, you mentioned Prague, you've filmed in some beautiful places over in Europe. Do you have a favorite location of the places you've flown so far? WA: So far I would have to say Mont Saint Michel is one of my favorite places. It's another one of those places where if I never been on Instagram. Instagram influenced me to actually being to go to so many different places. I saw a picture of it one time, I think it was about two and a half years ago and because of that one picture, I've never heard of anything ever since about it and I've always been wanting to go and none of my friends knew anything until I posted about it on my Instagram and it was just breath taking to be able to fly there. It was amazing to be able to see it and the time that I went I planned out everything perfectly so I could go there, film and go right back to Paris and Mont Saint Michel or to Saint Malo, like other different areas around there as well as Normandy and hit up everything. But I would have to say my favorite country I've flown in is either Switzerland or New Zealand. I think those two are probably the most beautiful countries in the world and I just love flying there. 'Cause now I've see other people film other locations like Iceland and Norway. I've always wanted to go to those locations but now I try to think of places that people haven't droned yet. So I wanna make a video that will be something that nobody else has. So I constantly am trying to look for new places, of cool new things to film. I was trying to go to Morocco one time and I couldn't with the drone because they confiscate it there. TM: How do you think drones are changing maybe travel videography or photography and just not only for yourself but just for the industry as a whole? WA: It's changing big time. 'Cause the industry ... Basically, I do travel and influencing now on Instagram so I'll constantly contact hotels. You can even get into real estate and stuff, just traveling around and making a business out of it essentially and filming for these places and DJI makes a great Mavic Pro, which is what I use. So it helps you with traveling and having a drone that's accessible in your backpack to go along with your GoPro or your professional DSLR camera, definitely, it's changing throughout the years and it's gonna keep changing. I look forward to seeing a Mavic that's even smaller. I absolute love all the DJI drones, I wish I could have an Inspire 2, just to make some really professional videos. If they made the Inspire so that you could actually travel with it ... I love the quality of the camera on there. So definitely that's how it's gonna keep changing. I always definitely say when you're traveling somewhere, look at the regulations, see what you can do there and what you cannot do there, where you can fly and where you can't and make sure that it's gonna be safe enough and that you're following the rules. So between that and then also packing wise, I've always found most drones I never bought when in the past before the Mavic just because I looked at the fact that hey, I'm gonna travel somewhere, should I bring my drone or should I not bring my drone? I don't what that to be a question. I want it to be every single time I will bring my Mavic with me skiing. I will bring it everywhere, everywhere I go so I never want that to be a question where it's like should I bring it or shouldn't I and that's why the Mavic's perfect size for me to be able to travel. TM: Well, just talking to you and then watching your videos makes me wanna book a flight to Europe. It's pretty cool. The traveling you're able to do and the footage that you've captured is awesome too so Wes, we really appreciate you coming on the Drone Dish today. WA: Yeah, thank you so much, I really do appreciate it. It's an honor to be on here.