The Main Event!

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Description: The end of drone camp is near. It's time for the competition! The course will consist of hoops of different sizes that the kids will have to fly through to get points. The competition is a series of mini games. One thing you can't do: fly through the same hoop twice. As for the score: there will be a running tally throughout the week. Winners are based on how many times the teams win or lose, and how many ranking points. So let's bring on the competition! Team One: Cody, Sam, Jamison and Evan Team Two: Nick, Alec, Mitchell and Cole P Team Three: Audrey, Matthew D, Kedar and Matthew G Team Team: Chandler, Connor, Will and Andrew W Team Five: Joey, Ben and Cole B Team Six: Andrew R, Travis and James More episodes of Drone Camp to come! Here, on Learn more about KING TeC and the upcoming 2018 summer drone camp!

KING TeC Drone Camp

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