The Tom Smith FPV Escapade Part 2 of 3

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Description: Escapade: A wild or exciting adventure, especially one that is mischievous.

Just a Lad and his drone out searching for places to fly fpv and escape.

Yeah Lad Check this for regular dronezzz Action:

Thanks to these people for supplying me with the best gear and keeping me in the air:

Quad Specs:
Demonrc NOX5 (
ZMX V3 2206 2300kv (Blue Cap Bad Boys!)
HQ 5x4x3 RR Yellow
Motolab Cyclone FC (Boris B Magic BF2.9)
HS1177 2.1mm lens
TBS Unify Pro HV (
TBS Triumph Antennas (
TBS Crossfire (
TBS Crossfire Micro Reciever (
Bonka Graphene 1300mah 4s
GoPro Hero 4 Silver (Exopro Case and slip on lens protector)

Taranis Plus Radio
Dominator V2 Goggles
TBS Dominator RX (

Go Fly, Have Fun!

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