Transvaraita Bike 2022 | Enduro race in the Alps seen by FPV drones


Top AirVuz contributor FPVFlow used a first person view (FPV) drone to capture the excitement from well-known biking "Enduro" race in the Italian Alps.  The four-day race was held in August, 2022.  The event, which was open to only 85 qualified riders,  runs along the Varaita Valley in the province of Cuneo, in the southwestern part of the Piedmont region, not far from the French border.  This video was picked by the AirVuz editorial staff for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in September of 2022.  

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Val Varaita, Cuneo - Italy | Transvaraita Bike 2022, a high-altitude enduro race full of adrenaline (and drones)


This unique sport race is a multi-day event, 4 days long, held in Val Varaita near the French border. The trails are freakin impressive and diverse, spanning from rocky peaks to rich forests and the riders were all so fearless and psyched. We had the chance to immortalize the last two days of the event and three cool sections of the race.


First we headed to an enchanting old mountain village near Sampeyre where the trail snaked through the stonewalls and then dived into a a dense forest.Then we hiked to a beautiful plateau with an amazing overview of the Val Varaita beauty where the riders coming from this crazy gorge biked towards the finish line 🚀


A must-attend event for all enduro (and adrenaline in general) enthusiasts!



It was such a cool experience to collaborate with the Tansvaraita Bike crew and Vi2o team for this super event!Check them out here:




Build used:


Squirt V2 Cinewhoop: 

Pablo 7 inch:

DJI Mavic 3


Shot with

📷 GoPro Hero10



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