Turkey Hot Air Balloons


Voted one of the best places to take a hot air balloon ride in the world, Cappadocia, Turkey offers breathtaking views perfect for taking in while floating high above the Earth.  Driven by travelers intent on seeing the area's famous "fairytale chimney" rock formations from the air, Cappadocia has come to occupy a hallowed place within the worldwide ballooning community.   Watch the AirVūz compilation video of the best drone videos of soaring hot air balloons in Turkey! 

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Voted one of the best places to take a HOT AIR BALLOON ride in the world
CAPPADOCIA, Turkey offers breathtaking views
2,000 years of erosion have created landscapes OUT OF THIS WORLD
Soar over the FAIRY CHIMNEYS, subterranean churches and dwellings formed in limestone
Fitting up to 20 people per balloon
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