Unseen Mongolia 4k


Prepare to be blown away by this stunning drone video from Mongolia by multiple Drone Video of the Week/Month Winner BashirAbuShakra.  This talented content creator spent 18 days traveling through some of the most remote areas of this giant Northeast Asian country.  At the :23 mark, there's a magnificent shot of a long-shadowed caravan making its way through the desert, followed by a great view of some fabled Mongolian wild horses.   The video includes some magnificent shots of the country's highly distinctive-looking rock formations.  

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This year, I decided to take one of the hardest but most exciting decisions I've ever made, exploring Mongolia for 18 days. I didn't know what to expect, all I had with me is prior months of exploring this country through Google Earth and then transforming this exploration into real life. On the 11th day, our vehicle got stuck in the sand in a very remote area, and I thought we were not going to make it and show you what I have captured before that. But we were able to pull it out after 1 hour of teamwork. The spots I was interested in exploring were so remote and very hard to reach even with a car, considering there're no roads. 90% of the travel agencies did not approve to take me to the spots, considering how remote they are, until one of them told me, I will hire for you a very experienced driver, and you will direct him where I'm interested to go, but this expedition has to be private since no one would be willing to do that with me. I accepted the offer. What I experienced and witnessed you will see in this film. It was one of the hardest challenges I've ever made but I never regret doing it, I became a better person after this spiritual exploration expedition.