Drone Video of the Month - June

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Description: We’ve got $2,500 in cash and prizes to hand out to AirVuz Pilots for their excellent flying skills. You know what that means, it’s time for Drone Video of the Month for June! At the end of the show, we’ll announce the Drone Video of the Month winner who will automatically be entered into our Drone Video of the Year Awards. But, before that, we’re handing out $250 and AirVuz Swag to several aerial cinematographers. SPOILER ALERT - here are all the winners for June’s Drone Video of the Month prizes: $250 PRIZE WINNERS: Allie’s Favorite - A Tropical Paradise | Coron Palawan by Merr Watson Rusty’s Favorite - Showreel 2018 by aeroCircus AirVuz Mpls Megan’s Favorite - Iceland - Travel Film by th3venture Lindseyb3’s Favorite - Lofoten Experience - “Make your life matter” by Eric_Avila_Gallardo Kendall Mark’s Favorite - Dino adventures pt. 1 by borsch AIRVUZ GEAR WINNERS: Great Wall of China and Bando Island by DSky FPV Another Rare Moment Huge Blue Whale Mother and Calf Cruise Through Newport Beach by jayxlamar Blown away by the Air | DJI - Mavic Air - Travel Film by Eaglewood Films CAMBODIA: Stronger Than Before by Cedricjb Northern Norway by Away To purchase your own AirVuz Gear, CLICK HERE! JUNE DRONE VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Philippines by Bachir_Photo_Phactory! Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees for the month of June! To see all the Drone Video of the Week nominees, check out the links below: WEEK 1: www.airvuz.com/collection/drone-video-of-the-week-june-week-1?id=S1ZiSYrgm WEEK 2: www.airvuz.com/collection/drone-video-of-the-week-june-week-2?id=Hyv7G-yWX WEEK 3: www.airvuz.com/collection/drone-video-of-the-week-june-week-3?id=Hkio1rubQ WEEK 4: www.airvuz.com/collection/drone-video-of-the-week-june-week-4?id=BkFzVEbG7 You can find contest rules through the following page - www.airvuz.com/contests/drone-video-of-the-week

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