X-Class Mega 4K Cinematography Drone

Published 07/18/2019 07:58
The 2018 Drone Racing League Champion is committed to pushing the boundaries of first-person view cinematography. Professional drone racing pilot and content creator Paul Nurkkala, known as NurkFPV, built a custom $4,000 mega drone.
Drones of this caliber are considered X-Class. Per standards established by the X-Class Racing League in 2019, this type of drone must be a multi-rotor aircraft measuring between 800-1200mm at the widest point. Nurk's goal was to bring together the world of performance drones with digital single-lens reflex cameras.
To do this, he needed to build a drone capable of carrying a large camera. The footage this drone is capable of obtaining is blending the boundaries between traditional filming, camera drones, and high-speed racing drones. Creators like Nurk are redefining what it means to be both an aerial cinematographer and an FPV drone pilot.
To learn more about Nurk and his X-Class drone, click the links in the video description.

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