Beyond the Horizon | A 15-Year Journey into Nature's Heart


With nearly 700k followers on Instagram as of late 2023, Muhamad AbuShakra is one of the world's top aerial videographers.  While he has filmed a wide variety of locations, he is probably best known for filming some of the most spectacular mountain scenery on earth, often capturing himself in the video to show the immensity of surroundings.  In this stunning reel, he brings us highlights of his climbing and filming the mountains of the world, primarily the Alps Mountains in the heart of Europe.  

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Travel with me on a 15-year adventure and alpine experience in the mountains through my camera. It's like a journey where I faced big challenges and enjoyed beautiful moments, just like in life.


I used a drone to capture pictures of the landscapes. These pictures show how strong, brave, and self-discovering I felt while exploring the nature beyond the horizon.


Each photo is like a conversation between rocks and the surrounding nature. They tell a story on the big canvas of tall mountains and wide valleys.


In a world where it's hard to express yourself, this journey reminds us that nature's big spaces are perfect for telling personal stories. These stories aren't told with hard words, but with the universal language of trying hard and thinking about ourselves.


Come with me on this cool journey where climbing mountains meets making precise plans. It's a 15-year story of facing challenges and enjoying good times, reminding us how important it is to express ourselves in a world that can be really noisy and crowdy.


Music : hans zimmer - time (inception) - epic orchestra remix