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Description: Ryan returns to the gridiron, and catches it all from the air! The drone even captures his Ridiculous Triple - a back-back-to-back string of plays where he scores a touchdown, attempts the extra point kick, and then goes for the tackle in the following kickoff. The spectacle is wild enough on its own, but add in a drone...and you've got a brand new perspective of the field! Ryan also checks in with the Pioneers' quarterback and middle linebacker about how drones and aerial video can help them and their team improve their game - and the results look to be staggering. The views are certainly powerful illustrations of an argument to replace cable cameras and traditional cameras with a far more versatile drone! For more Ridiculousness, head to airvuz.com/ryansridiculous VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Ryan Hoag: The one, two, three combo that you just witnessed, I call that the ridiculous triple. Touchdown, extra point, and tackle on the kickoff. We don't see that very often. Eight years after my last NFL game with the Jacksonville Jaguars, I'm back. This time, in ridiculous fashion. Ryan's Ridiculous here with the Saint Paul Pioneers playing a little kick returner, punt returner, maybe a little wide receiver. Let's see if [00:00:30] a 36 year old still has it. Let's go. Making my comeback to semi professional football, what's in store? Corey Brenner: We're here because we're family, so you'll see high drive passion between a lot of the players. And then you also see some good hard nose football. Ryan Hoag: I am also kick returner. I'd like to think that, I still can do a little. Cleveland McCoy: It'll come. It'll be second nature to you. I believe in you. I think you'll so well in it. You're not as rusty as you're trying to put on. Speaker 4: We need one [00:01:00] more. You wanna jump in? Go ahead. Ryan Hoag: I'm going in. Where am I at? Where am I at? Here we go. We got kickoff. Deep right. Speaker 4: You wanna do it again? Ryan Hoag: Yeah. Speaker 4: All right, here. All three men, that's your spot. Ryan Hoag: You're the quarterback, obviously, you have to survey everything. What's that perspective from above? What's that gonna provide? Cleveland McCoy: That'll help with the coverages. When you're playing quarterback, you're seeing everything from the back glimpse. [00:01:30] So if you can see an aerial view, that'd be great, so you can see what guys are doing. Ryan Hoag: Middle line backer, they consider that the quarterback of the defense, the eye in the sky. What's that perspective gonna be able to provide? Corey Brenner: What you gotta look for is definitely the quarterback side of things. So I'll be calling the plays there every single time out there on defense, but other than that, you'll get to see a full view of how the plays are ran. Ryan Hoag: Because a lot of people don't understand how contingent a formation, a motion, is [00:02:00] to a defensive call. That can probably be caught a lot on film from above. Corey Brenner: Almost definitely. Ryan Hoag: Well, first half coming to a close. Just ran down on kickoff. They keep running away from me now that saw I made four plays in a row. We're saving the secret weapon until we had a 45 point lead. I have a feeling the second half is gonna be the Mr. Irrelevant show is gonna let me do an extra point in the fourth quarter. I have [inaudible 00:02:25] for a reason. Starting kickoff return, gonna take it back, and then I'm getting in the receiver. [00:02:30] Get your popcorn ready. It's been a long time since I've got tackled. Kickoff? That means me? What are you doing? You can cut block out here? Are you kidding me? He just cut blocked [00:03:00] me on the kickoff return. It's the most cheap, egregious foul I've ever been witness to. He pushed me. What number was it again? I gotta find that dude's number. I didn't see it. Speaker 6: I think it's number seven. Ryan Hoag: All right. It's on now. Number seven's got a bullseye on his chest now. All right, so it's 52-nothing, the fourth quarter. Saved the best for last, [00:03:30] about to go in as wide receiver. Hey, how about that cut block? How about that cut block? That was some cute stuff right there. And that was the guy that cut blocked me. And that was the guy ... Oh, shoot, I gotta kick it. Speaker 7: I'm not gonna have to worry about [00:04:00] my hands or my fingers getting broken? Ryan Hoag: Get that thing down, I'm coming. Speaker 8: The [inaudible 00:04:05] is blocked. Ryan Hoag: The one, two, [00:04:30] three combo that you just witnessed, I call that the ridiculous triple. Touchdown. My nemesis number seven decided to make the egregious error of trying guard me. And I caught it, touched down. He ended up being helped off the field, extra point. It was going in, and I can't wait to see the drone footage because it will prove that it was going in. And then you see that on the following kickoff, I made the kickoff tackle. The drone provides that top down perspective, and as a middle [00:05:00] linebacker, I can see it really benefited your checks and you audibles at the line because you can see the tendencies. You can see if it's a wide split by the guard and the tackle, or if they're tight splits. All those things come in handy. I have a closed idea of coming back for another game. We'll see. I actually had a lot of fun, but until then, again need to go hit the ice tub. Speaker 9: I just had to make it [00:05:30] exciting. Speaker 10: Did you cut block him? Speaker 9: Yeah, I did actually. I'm not about to go ahead ... Have you seen how big he is? I'm not playing. It's all love and fun. I didn't do it to hurt him purposely, it's just I didn't wanna go heads up from him to run me over. Ryan Hoag: You got a little scrape, it means, "Hey, they can't say I didn't play." Speaker 11: That's right.

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