Saksun - Adventure Unfolds in 4K


Top contributor DroneDirector created this beautiful drone video of an area around a tiny village in the Faroe Islands, a Danish-controlled archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.  The village is called Saksun and it's on the island of Streymoy, the largest and most populous of the main 18 islands which constitute the Faroes.  Saksun is situated in the northwestern part of the island, in an area that was once an inlet of the sea but which became a lagoon after the path to the sea was blocked by sand deposition.  

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Splendidly set in a natural circular amphitheatre high above a tidal lagoon, Saksun is a wonderfully remote hillside village and is one of the most worthwhile destinations in the country. Known for its tranquil atmosphere, the tiny village of 14 inhabitants offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains. In the fjord, at the foot of the village, is a lagoon. At low tide, it is possible to walk along the sandy shore of the lagoon around the headland. The village includes a church, built in 1858, and Dúvugarðar, an active sheep farm which also functions as a museum.