Slovenia - The Magic Of Autumn


Explore the beauty of Slovenia in the Autumn in this fantastic drone video by former DVOW Winner Dronographer.  The video opens with shots near the Austrian border, before heading to the famous Herzerlstraße, a heart-shaped street in one of the country's vineyards.  Then it's on to the Sveti Tomaž, an iconic church in the mountainous Upper Carniola region.  From there you'll head to the town of Jamnik, a bit  north of Sveti Tomaž.  The last stop is the gorgeous Lake Bled, a little further north, one of Slovenia's most recognized spots.  

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An aerial journey through magical Slovenia during autumn.

Starting in Southern Styria - Austria, also called the "Austrian Tuscany", just a few 100 meters away from the actual border. A region famous for its little wooden windmills, the so-called "Klapotetz", which actually are used as scarecrows thanks to their rattling sound.

By crossing the border between Austria and Slovenia - only 100 meters behind - the first landmarks are already waiting to be discovered. Such as the famous "Herzerlstrasse", the heart-shaped street between vineyards.

Traveling further into Slovenian land, more and more fascinating places await you: like Slovenia's most photographed church, Sveti Tomaz, up high in the mountains, surrounded my a sea of fog. Or another little but famous church - located at Jamnik - built on the top of a hill. And of course not to forget the majestic lake Bled, with its castle and monastery-island.

Autumn in Slovenia - truly magical and every photographers paradise.