The Heart of the Lake District 💙


Check out these stunning drone views of the fabled English Lake District, compliments of former Drone Video of the Week Finalist DroneTheLakes.  The Lake District is largely encompassed by the Lake District National Park, the second-oldest in the United Kingdom.  Considered one of the country's great natural treasures,  the Lake District's mountains, lakes, forests and rivers draw millions of tourists every year and have inspired some of the great works of English literature and poetry over the centuries.  

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“Why does a man climb mountains? Why has he forced his tired and sweating body up here when he might instead have been sitting at his ease in a deckchair at the seaside, looking at girls in bikinis, or fast asleep, or sucking ice-cream, according to his fancy. On the face of it the thing doesn’t make sense.

Yet more and more people are turning to the hills; they find something in these wild places that can be found nowhere else. It may be solace for some, satisfaction for others: the joy of exercising muscles that modern ways of living have cramped, perhaps; or a balm for jangled nerves in the solitude and silence of the peaks; or escape from the clamour and tumult of everyday existence. It may have something to do with man’s subconscious search for beauty, growing keener as so much in the world grows uglier. It may be a need to re-adjust his sights, to get out of his narrow groove and climb above it to see wider horizons and truer perspectives. In a few cases, it may even be a curiousity inspired by A Wainwright’s Pictorial Guides. Or it may be, and for most walkers it will be, quite simply, a deep love of the hills, a love that has grown over the years, whatever motive first took them there: a feeling that these hills are friends, tried and trusted friends, always there when needed.”

Alfred Wainwright