Forget the bleachers! How about an aerial video of these fan favorite stadiums?!

Most of us have very real attachments to these amazing venues (not to mention serious respect for their feats of engineering and modern amenities)…so, we pulled together a great collection of some of the coolest drone videos of stadiums that we’ve seen on AirVuz.

Maybe these will remind you of your first outdoor concert, hotdogs at an MLB home opener, celebrating a college championship, tailgating before the NFL playoffs, or actually feeling the soccer chant vibrations during the World Cup.     Or instead, perhaps after seeing these, you’ll be motivated to pick up some tickets for the next big event.

Or – maybe you’re just the straightforward type, who’ll  just enjoy the birds eye view for exactly what it is the best aerial footage of stadiums we all love!

Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy the drone videos of these remarkable structures, as seen from the best seat in the house…above!


Team AirVuz  |  United by Drone

We agree! 👍 AirVuz is home to the Best Drone Videos!

We can’t help it…we’re like proud parents or something (well, some of us actually are IRL 😉), especially when we see the quality of the videos rolling on into!

So what are we to do when we see these insanely cool vids?  Show ’em off  to the world, of course!  …and how do we show them off, you ask?   When you’ve got the great audience like we do, it’s pretty fun and easy, and it goes a little something like this:

Every week, we like to point out a handful of goodies we especially liked, and we promote them in a cool show of ours called TopVuz (because, of course, these are our TOP choices of everything wonderful we get to watch on the site….and making these selections are not always easy either, mind you!).

This week’s episode packs in everything from scenic drone footage of Lake Tahoe to a gorgeous video of Jinki Ridge Australia, and even an insane drone stunt under a moving semi (yep – you read that right!).

You’re going to love it, so much so we don’t mind a bit if you go check the whole awesome collection out right now!

But if you stick around to read more, then we’re betting we can probably also interest you in this great collection (actually, we’ve titled it the Best Drone Videos on AirVūz, which we think is pretty darned appropriate) which shows off generally awesome creations we’ve been watching over the last few months…everyone else is watching and liking, so why haven’t you??? (not trying to mess with you, but, we are wondering 😉).

Happy flying and happy watching!

Team AirVūz   |   United by Drone


Announcing the #MattyFlipz and #Rebel Contest!

Are you ready for this super rad FPV Freestyle challenge featuring AirVūz pilot MattyStuntz and Rebel Miniquads?

Here’s your chance for you to show off your master skillz!  The winner will receive a pretty sweet prize package from Rebel Miniquads (see below), so follow these rules to enter the contest for your shot to take it all!

  1. Observe / soak up some FPV pilot MattyStuntz’s freestyle goodness (we’ve included a few here on the contest page).
  2. Practice those sick flips (yeah, you’re gonna want to).
  3. Create a fully edited 2+ minute video in a unique location of you flying just like Matty! We’re looking for your best MATTYSTUNTZ style flips through objects! (Take note: open fields, empty parks, or other boring locations won’t make the cut!)
  4. Be aware of the minimum requirement of one flip; more than one will increase your chances of winning!
  5. Upload your drone video exclusively to AirVuz FPV Freestyle category (but know that videos can be uploaded anywhere after the contest ends)!
  6. Include BOTH the following keywords added when uploaded: #MattyFlipz and #Rebel
  7. Do this before the upload deadline of 11:59 CST on April 23rd.
  8. Share your video from AirVūz to Facebook at least once, using the hashtags #MattyFlipz and #Rebel!
  9. Patiently wait while videos are judged by the man himself, MATTYSTUNTZ; winners will be announced by April 30.

The prize package from Rebel Miniquads worth $600 of sweet gear includes: (5) Rebel motors, v2 Rukus frame, (3) 4s batteries, (2) 6s batteries, some Rebel battery straps, a hat, and a shirt! Thanks Rebel Miniquads!! This sounds amazing!!

All FPV pilots are welcome to enter the contest, except the super cool friend Matty knows who has opted out of the contest since he’s already mastered these mean manuevers: SeanFPV! We’ll catch you next time, Sean! We know you’ve got lots of mad skillz that everyone needs to see!

May the FLIPZ be with you 😎 

AirVuz | United by Drone     #MattyFlipz   #Rebel

Welcome to the AirVūz Blog!

Mike Israel (a.k.a. AirVūzPilot)

On behalf of the entire AirVūz team, I am pleased to introduce the official AirVūz blog to our growing community!

As spectacularly visual as we hope you find AirVū, there’s no substitute for the written word on the site itself, especially for communicating with our enthusiastic members.

As you’d expect, we naturally intend to use this blog to highlight news regarding the site (e.g. tech updates, new features, etc).

Most importantly, however, we’ll also use this blog to call out the incredible content on the site. You may see us blog to welcome a new contributor, to highlight some insanely cool new video from a long-time AirVūz superstar, or to let people know about the latest AirVūz original programming segment. The bottom line? we’ll use this blog as an on-site, textual guide to all of the fantastic things you’ll find on AirVūz.

So you may be wondering…what’s the backstory of AirVūz?
The idea behind AirVūz came from my personal involvement in the RC hobbyist community.  I was flying often – and loving it – and was stunned by the incredible vantage point from above. The amateur video from my own flights was amazing, but finding others’ drone videos (especially the good stuff) on the usual suspects of video platforms was tough.  But – when I could find drone videos, I couldn’t help but notice the creativity pilots were quickly tapping into as well. Then, of course I saw the broad consumer appeal for drones and well, knew it was time to jump on this incredible wave.

Long story short…in 2015 I launched our site to be a home for the views (ahem, “Vūz”) from above, because I knew there were other enthusiasts like me who’d appreciate a place dedicated specifically for this amazing aerial footage.

AirVūz is unique
Of course there are many sites with a significant amount of content related to drones, including the obvious places such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo among others.  However, these are universal sites in terms of the content and the audience, and one of the reasons for starting AirVūz was our belief that the worldwide drone community needs a place like AirVūz, which is “all about drones,” to stand alongside these universal platforms.

The most important thing about AirVūz?  Everyone’s welcome…from the novice to the pro!
Since that time, we’ve kept growing into this amazing community anchored by the talented people who create this phenomenal content, and proliferated by the people who love watching it!  We’re more than a video (and now photo too) sharing platform: we’re all about promoting our community of drone pilots, and showcasing their work on the site, across social media, and IRL (which I recently learned means “in real life ;-).

…and yes, we welcome everyone’s aerial footage! AirVūz is the place to show off your first flight, your recent race, your series of Vlogs, your showreel, and or your show pieces!  We’ve found that people love to watch it all!

Speaking of great drone footage, we are pleased to report that the site continues to see an increasing number of drone video and photo uploads, and the quality of the content has been exceptional. Literally every day, drone content is being uploaded to AirVūz which is simply phenomenal and from all over the globe.  It’s a drone video of Siberian tigers one day, or a spectacular capture of dolphins jumping en masse out of the surf to safety, or a highlight reel from one of the world’s top FPV freestyle pilots.

This user uploaded content is complemented with a set of AirVūz Original programming concepts, which started with AirVūz News and now includes The Drone Dish, Behind the Goggles, Droning America, YourVuz, Drone Trippin’, and AirVūz Revuz, as well as AirVūz Original videos like the just-released Drone Superball Video and our drone coverage of the Air and Style snowboarding event in Los Angeles.

We’ve got exciting things in store…!
There is always lots going on at AirVūz, we are happy to say. For one thing, the site is getting busier by the day. According to the Alexa website ranking service (which is sort of the “Nielsen of the Internet”), AirVūz now ranks at about 24k, meaning it is one of the 24,000 busiest websites in the world according to the (proprietary) Alexa traffic estimation algorithm.  The rise has been fairly meteoric, especially since Alexa tries to smooth day to day rankings by using average traffic estimates over a three month period. As recently as last October, AirVūz was ranked at about 250k, and the site broke into the top 100k over the Holiday period – ie, just 10-12 weeks ago. At Alexa 24k, AirVūz is now the second busiest website in the world focused primarily on drones; the only site ranked higher is

While the AirVūz website has not seen a great deal of visible change over the last several months, there has been a lot of development going on in the background which has laid the groundwork for some much more visible site upgrades. For example, just a few weeks ago, the site was upgraded to accept still photo uploads. While we are still working on integrating still photo content into the fabric of the site, users can now upload aerial photos just like they do videos and they will be visible on their contributor page.  For examples, see the profile pages of our own AirVūz team members Tyler Mason and Jacob Blaeser.

And more good stuff to come, too! Some upgrades expected to be released over the coming months include the following:

    • A new user interface for search and navigation (including, crucially, the ability to search by location via the geotagging feature which was built into the site’s plumbing late last year);
    • An enhanced user profile page, supporting all of the facets of how users will want to put their profiles to work and show off their goods!
    • The ability to browse an extensive group of hand-curated video collections based on specific topics of interest;
    • Continuous updates to our recently released first version of the AirVūz smartphone app for both iOS and Android platforms; these native apps are now available for your (free) download at the Apple and Google Play app stores, respectively.

This is just in the short term; over the medium-long term we have many exciting new features and functionality which we expect to be able to report on in future blog posts…so stay tuned!

We believe AirVūz can become the place where the world’s best drone pilots—and their videos and photos—can flourish and get the exposure they deserve, by placing them both in front of an audience which is interested in exactly this type of content. We think that if we are right about this, it will not be at the expense of YouTube or anyone else; drone videos will be as popular as ever there.

We plan to publish new AirVūz blog posts perhaps 2-3 times per week. While we intend for this to be primarily authored by members of the AirVūz team in Minneapolis, we do expect to invite community members to guest blog.

Until then, happy viewing and safe flying. Onward and upward!

Mike Israel
CEO and Founder,
AirVūz, LLC