TopVūz: November 10, 2017

Every week, a spectacular highlight reel showing the most amazing drone video content…recently uploaded by you, members of the AirVūz community!

This week’s TopVūz episode, takes us around the globe, including footage from  incredible destinations like Moscow and Malaysia, and Iceland and Israel (and more!)  After you’ve enjoyed the episode, check out the full-length original videos too!


Moscow Aerial 5K –
Mongolia – Cinematic Drone Film – MichaelRobertsFilms
Tahiti an Head over Landscape 4K New Zealand Tahiti – damienlair
Greenland – sfdrones
The Pulpit Rock – Grim Berge
Sunset Malaysia – afiqsadali
Iceland in 60 Seconds | Inspire 2 – Thomas Dunzendorfer DoP
Beautiful Israel – eyalasaf

This jaw-dropping compilation is proof positive that the world’s best drone videos are on AirVūz.  We love to support our community of talented pilots, and celebrating their incredible videos is what makes us #UnitedbyDrone!

How do you get your chance to be featured in TopVūz? Just upload your phenomenal videos to AirVū…we’ll be watching for them!    

Team AirVūz   |   #UnitedbyDrone

17 Stocking Stuffers and Holiday Gift Ideas for Drone Enthusiasts

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s looking for a drone or some drone accessories under the Christmas tree this year, or stuffed into their stocking?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), more than 2.5 million drones are in our skies today, with an estimated 7 million drones in the air by 2020. Clearly, whether for fun or for commercial use, drones are becoming a regular fixture in our day-to-day lives.

So, if you’re looking for gift ideas for the drone enthusiast in your life, AirVūz, the world’s largest online community for drone videos and photography, has created the ultimate holiday gift ideas list. From small items to entry-level drones, the list offers a wide range of gift ideas to fit just about any budget.

“From stocking stuffers to gifts costing $100 or more, we’ve got you covered,” says Megan Gaffney, Vice President of Marketing for AirVūz, “Based on an unscientific poll of our staff and top drone enthusiasts, these are the gifts that the drone enthusiast in your life will want the most.”

Stocking Stuffers ($5-$10 + small items)

  • Spare drone props (DJI Phantom 4DJI Mavic), $8 –  for a pilot who already has a Phantom or Mavic drone but could always use some extra props.
  • Battery straps for FPV racing drone, $5.49 – perfect gift for the first-person view (FPV) pilot who loves drone racing.


Drone Gift Ideas Under $25

  • AirVuz shirts and hats, $20-$25 – with more than 1.25 million content creators and fans, AirVūz is the world’s most popular online community for drone enthusiasts. Time to join the fun.


Drone Gift Ideas Under $50

  • Hoodman drone launch pad, $39.95 (for small launch pad; larger sizes available) — for someone with a Mavic or Spark who wants to launch and land safely
  • Syma X5C-1 drone, $46.88 – good entry-level camera drone for the person who wants to try drone piloting and filming their first drone videos.


Drone Gift Ideas Under $100

  • Polar Pro video camera filters – Polar Pro offers filters for many types of drones, including the most popular models, the DJI MavicDJI Phantom 4 and GoPro Karma. High quality camera filters are perfect for drone pilots who want to enhance their footage.
  • Blade Inductrix, $49.99 – this mini-drone, the size of a fist, is a great choice for entry-level drone pilots, as well as drone enthusiasts who want to fly indoors.


Drone Gift Ideas Over $100 

  • DJI Spark, $499 – a great starter drone for people with limited or no drone piloting experience.

  • Blade Inductrix FPV, $199 – great choice for drone pilots who want to dip their toes into the FPV world, otherwise known as drone racing. 
  • RemotePilot101 course to study for FAA Part 107 test ($149, good for life) – a prep course for those who would like to earn a license to fly a drone for commercial uses.  

TopVūz: November 4, 2017

Every week, a spectacular highlight reel showing the most amazing drone video content…uploaded by you, members of the AirVūz community!

This week has a phenomenal collection of footage, ranging from sheer adrenaline and mayhem to castles and clouds, and yep, even a rubber ducky!

Check out this week’s TopVūz episode, and then the incredible full-length individual videos as well!

Motocross Stunts / Explosions / Mayhem – Gespar
Cartagena – lucaspinhel
Obersee Lake, Germany – BashirAbuShakra
The Road Trip – Huettehuette
Dream away in Bali – DroneHeroes
Attack Of The World’s Largest Rubber Ducky!!! – Rotor Rejects
The Highlands Like You’ve Never Seen Before – Brintonphoto
Castle Cochem – stefan.beumer
Bavaria in 4K – Thomas Vitali
Kakheti – Georgia – Travel With Us

How do you get your chance to be featured in TopVūz? If you’ve recently uploaded an aerial video to AirVū then you already have! If you haven’t… well, upload your best work and we will find it!

Our Spooky/Scary episode has posted!
The scary winning entry was Knock knock… uploaded by HorCsa.

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Wondering who we picked as the FPV Pilots to Watch this week? (Nov 3, 2017)

(some pretty awesome ones, of course!)
Every week, we watch out for some drone pilots who’ve pushed their limits, created crazy edits, and even just enthusiastically supported their fellow pilots…and then, we wrap up their latest vids in a cool collection so we can show them off.

That’s what FPV friends are for 😀

Count on AirVuz for catching you up on the best in FPV Freestyle, Drone Racing, and Tiny Whoop, RC and Wing…you get the idea. 😎

Check out this week’s collection of pilots!

Team AirVūz  |   #UnitedbyDrone

Set your DVRs! 📺 DR1 Racing on CBS, Saturday Nov 4! 🏁 Go Team AirVūz FPV! 🏁

DR1 Racing presents the DHL Champions Series, fueled by Mountain Dew

Not only will the Champions Series Finals fly the historic Isle Of Man, but it’s only fitting that they’ll do so 110 years after the very first Isle of Man TT race!

It’s drone racing at its best!  Fifteen drone pilots will battle in the backyard of the world’s most dangerous race, where they’ll risk everything as they dive off a cliff to grab victory from the ocean below!  Some of our very own Team AirVūz FPV pilots had the chops to compete in this amazing series. Good luck to NytfuryFPVJohnnyFPVFreybott, and SFPV!

The event airs on CBS on Saturday, November 4th, at 1:30pm EST.   Set your DVRs, or better yet, tune in and make an afternoon of it.  🏁

Who will have what it takes to bring home the victory?? Don’t miss it!!

AirVūz | United by Drone

Best place for finding FPV gold? (is that even a real question?)

 🌅 …in our new Golden Hour collection! 🌅 

Our sweet new collection of FPV vids shows off those moments of freestyle bliss at the end of the day, when the light is just perfect, and the flow is epic…

yah – you know the drill.

Check out your fellow pilots goodies from the quintessential best time of day to fly!

(and by the way, these collections are just one of the many ways we love to show off your great videos!  We’re always creating new themes, so if you’d like yours to be considered too, be sure to add descriptive keywords and distinctive thumbnails.  We’re always looking out for great content to show off! 😎)

Team AirVuz  |  #UnitedbyDrone