#QuadGoals: Stan FPV

This week’s #QuadGoals feature has recently gotten into the world of the HD micros, taking high-def footage with a smaller quad than the one he started flying years ago. Here’s what Stan Maziarz Jr., aka Stan FPV, has to say about the latest build he’s flying, and the images he’s capturing with it.

“I started FPV Freestyle almost 3 years ago and still passionately love flying full size quads.. But the idea of taking that same GoPro Hero7 Black (or 360 cam, etc) capable of incredible HD content and nimbly flying it on the smallest package possible sparked my curiosity at the end of ’18 and I dove more and more into furthering the idea. When I started I was heavily modifying old frames and parts to create what I needed, but fortunately everything is now available for anyone to easily build a “CINEWHOOP” of their own. The guards around the props not only look cool, they also act as a safety barrier completely surrounding the propellers enabling me and other pilots to fly our HD cam closer to cool people and even cooler property while reducing the risk of harm or injury to the subjects we film. I can fly indoors, outdoors and thru tight gaps with ease because this quad is very stable and super easy to fly. With its high level of manueverably and small size, it unlocks a whole new world of HD video content possibilities and is amazing for professional cinematic applications as well as fun/personal flying with or without a heavy Gopro or HD cam. My cinewhoop is always with me where ever I go and one of the most versatile quads I own. It can even get stuffed into my book bag and since the propellers are protected I don’t worry about bending any props on the way. It’s a go-to for me and is a huge part of my filming arsenal. I’ve caught myself flying this perfect cinewhoop even more than my full size quad lately because it’s just so enjoyable. Fly like a bird!”

Drone pilot: Stan FPV

Video filmed with this quad: THE PLAYGROUND


Frame: ImpulseRC Micro 3 Alien or Armattan 3 Gecko
Guards: Stan FPV Universal Ducted Propeller Guards
GoPro/Battery Cinewhoop Mount: Stan FPV
Motors: Emax 1307 4000kv v2
Props: HQ Prop 2.5×2.5×3
Lipo: 650-850 4s, high C Rating
FC/ESCs: Lumenier Micro Lux V3
VTx: TBS Unify Pro32 Nano
Vx Antenna: Lumenier Micro Axii ufl
Rx: FrSky XM+ or TBS Crossfire Nano
Rx Antenna: stock or Immortal-T V2
FPV Cam: Runcam Micro Swift 2 
HD Cam: GoPro Hero7 Black
ND Filter: when needed, 8/16/32

FrSky Taranis 9XD+ w/ M9 Gimbals
TBS Crossfire Micro Tx
TBS Diamond TX Antenna 
RMRC 2500mah 3s Radio Lipo from 2017

FatShark HD3
LaForge V2 Modules
ImmersionRC Directional Antenna
VAS Omni Antenna 
Thunder Power 2000mah 2s Goggle Lipo

#QuadGoals: Croble FPV

This week, we head Down Under to Australia to feature a talented FPV pilot and his quad. Heath Whibley, aka Croble FPV, tells us about a quad he’s got pretty dialed in — and it shows in the footage. We’ll let Heath take it from here:

“My setup is based on the new AstroX J5 Freestyle Frame which is arguably one of the most dialed in frames to date, setting the standard in design and build quality no doubt. It’s silky smooth and agile with the help of quality components tied together all benefiting from one another proving to have a good longevity which is important to me. With knowing my quad is almost perfect I have the ability to get in the zone and throw my quad around all types of vehicles and scenery.”
Drone pilot: Croble FPV
Video filmed with this quad: Smoothness X Croble FPV

#QuadGoals: George FPV

You know the feeling when you finally get a quad that flies just the way you like it to? That’s how this week’s #QuadGoals featured pilot feels about his latest build. Here’s the drone that George FPV is flying:

“This is my main and only quad and I love it. I’ve tried a lot of different components in the past like motors, FC, esc, frames etc…but finally this is the best quad that I’ve ever flown and I’m so proud!”

Drone pilot: George FPV

Video filmed with this quad: #Hypersmooth Not Allowed


Quad build
Antenna: Lumenier AXII
Props: Tmotor 5.1×4.3×3

#QuadGoals: mrgeeseeks

This week’s featured pilot finds some awesome locations to fly his quads — and he sometimes gets experimental with his builds, too. We let mrgeeseeks tell us about one of his favorite quads he’s currently flying:

“This is a light build with a GoPro Hero 7 / Insta360 one X where I can get good torque and smooth moves. It is very versatile it weights only 90 grams including all hardware and FPV camera mount, very easy to maintain at a reasonable price.”

Drone pilot: mrgeeseeks

Video filmed with this quad: fashion electric skateboard with a drone…wait what?



Frame: PyroDrone Hyperlite Flowride – love the weight and maintainability

Motors: PyroDrone 2307 2522KV – 2307 motors keep a balance between good torque and smooth turns

Cam: Run cam micro Swift 2 – with its 2.1mm lens keeps clean FPV feed at good exposure

RX: TBS crossfire micro – nothing better than trusting your gear; this gives me confidence at 100%
Transmitter: Taranis x9d plus – love the customization you get from Taranis
Goggles: Fatshark HD3 – nothing better in the market so far
La Forge v2 – something I need to probably upgrade soon but so far they are being reliable clean feed

#QuadGoals: FPV Evil_Munkey

We’ve got a Cinewhoop being featured this week in #QuadGoals. This drone, which belongs to FPV Evil_Munkey (aka Mike Stafford), is capable of taking HD footage while flying into small spaces. We’ll like Mike tell more about the build:

“My Quad is a Shendrones Squirt v2 or also known as a Cinewhoop. 20×20 stack with an Omnibus F3 flight controller, 4in1 BLHeli esc, 1306-3100kv motors, AKK vtx, 3078 Race Kraft props, Foxeer Predator micro, and GoPro Session. The quad is great because it’s small portable. Also you can get some amazing footage. This is by far one of my favorite quads I own.

I picked to build the Squirt because I have always been interested in doing slow cinema style videos. It’s light and portable and can go places where a full size quad can’t fit. It’s super smooth and fun to fly. If you’re looking into some for cinematic movements, this is your quad.”‘

Pilot: FPV Evil_Munkey

Video featuring this quad: Cinewhoop rates and battery update

Quad build:

Shendrones Squirt v2

20×20 stack

Omnibus F3 flight controller

4in1 BLHeli esc

1306-3100kv motors

AKK vtx

3078 Race Kraft props

Foxeer Predator micro

GoPro Session